Giving Your Patio Some (Pre) Summer Loving!

Spring has sprung, so it’s time to start dreaming of those long lazy summer days out in the garden!  Is your patio going to let you down in front of your friends?

Whether you need a new patio or need to protect or modernise your existing patio our spring blog will help you get prepared!

Whilst stone is a natural durable product and capable of lasting a life time in an outdoor setting, like us all it needs a little bit of TLC from time to time.  Not sure what your stone needs?  Worry not we are here to help, our simple five top tips for getting your patio summer ready are:

  1. Simply Brush: For a quick win all you need to do is give your patio a good brush – with a stiff bristle brush and a bit of elbow grease! This will remove all of the debris that has fallen on it over the winter months and stop it causing the surface to be slippery and also stop weeds and moss rooting.
  2. Simply Wash: Again use your stiff bristle brush, some simple house hold soap and warm water then give it a good scrub!  You can use a power washer if you have one but not too often, depending on your stone type too much power washing can affect the surface.   DON’T use acid based cleaners because this also may damage your stone.
  3. Weed killer: choose a weed killer that is suitable for use on paving and stone products.  Try and avoid moss killers because ingredients can be too abrasive for use on natural stone.  A safer alternative is house hold bleach used in moderation
  4. Patio Magic: A child, pet and stone friendly biodegradable product that magically cleans your patio in 2-5 days! *read the instructions carefully!
  5. Use Sealant: depending where your patio or driveway is in your garden it may be necessary to seal it. If it spends a lot of its life wet, shaded or covered in algae sealing your stone is something you should consider.  Professional advice and application is recommended.