Punch It!

The stone that is, not your colleague or the dog!

Stone is just stone, right..?  Wrong!  Not only does stone come in various colours, sizes, shapes, textures, layers and even strengths.  It can also be finished in a variety of ways and this blog will focus on one type in particular – Punched Finish.  This type of finish comes in multiple guises itself and that is what we will explore below!

The term Punched Finish refers to the finish on the face of the stone.  Theses marks can be hand tooled or machine produced, both processes create hollows and ridges on the surface of the stone.  You can have parallel punch, herring bone punch, random punched, sparrow pecked and scutch punched.  Punch marks can be different sizes and depths – this would be achieved by using different tools.  This technique was traditionally applied to simply flatten the face of the stone.

Punched stone is mainly used as walling stone but this finish can also be applied to masonry items such as quoins, heads & cills, gateposts and coping stones.

The decorative nature of this style of finish is popular in both new and reclaimed stone projects.

Reclaimed punch stone can be found in various areas around the UK and made of different stone types e.g. sandstone, gritstone.  As with all reclaimed items punched stone is dependent on stock availability and the punched pattern and colour of the stone depends on where it originated from and how it started its life and how it has naturally weathered.  This product is great to use for extensions or on projects where the new building must match existing structures or blend in with its surroundings.

Our new punched stone is bespoke and can be produced to exact requirements.  The most popular sizes are 140mm or 215mm course height, 100mm bed width and random lengths.  New stone can also be weathered in-house.  All punch marks are applied by hand, by our in-house masons so can be done in any of the styles mentioned.  New punched stone can be used for any type of building project whether it be a housing development, commercial complex or landscaping this product lends itself to a beautifully finished project.

Both new and reclaimed products can be coursed prior to delivery.  Call our yard on 01924 416666 or complete the form below for more information.

Whether it’s new or reclaimed Punched stone that is chosen for a project, one thing we can guarantee, is that the finished build will certainly have lots of character!