New Parallel Punched 215MM


Primary Cutting of Block in our Yard


Hand Dressing New Walling Stone


Parallel Punched Walling ready for delivery

Parallel punched refers to the horizontal lines applied to the face of the stone by hand.  This technique is done by our in-house masons.

Yorkstone, sandstone, gritstone and limestone walling products are all available in a variety of standard and bespoke formats.The most common format being 140mm course height, 100mm bed width and random lengths with a cropped or pitched face finish, which is often utilised for new build projects.

Here at Traditional Stone we also specialise in bespoke solutions for all natural stone walling requirements and these are produced to order.  We offer a whole range of different sizes and finishes, these include:

  • Hand Punched
  • Random Punched
  • Parallel Punched
  • Scutch Punched
  • Herringbone Punched
  • Ashlar
  • Tumbled
  • Dyed Vintage
  • New Random

Whatever your requirements Traditional Stone can offer a bespoke service to suit your project.  For more information please call our office on 01924 416666.