Granite is an igneous type rock formed by the cooling of molten materials such as quartz, feldspar and hornblende.

Although small amounts are available from quarries in the UK, the main sources of granite are imported from countries all over the world such as Scandinavia, China, Brazil, India, South Africa, Sardinia, Portugal and Spain.

The high strength and low porosity lends itself as an extremely hard wearing landscaping material, there are also many applications where granite is used as an internal and external cladding material for structural builds, street furniture and monumental features.

There is a huge colour range from white to black which offers unlimited opportunities to create a truly unique project. The surface texture can greatly affect the appearance of granite, these include – sawn, picked, shot blast, tooled, bush hammered, polished and flamed. Like with most natural stone, it is the polished form which truly shows the full spectrum of colours and characteristics of the material.